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segunda-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2016

Party - Mickey and Minnie



Muito obrigado a todos os criadores que tiveram seus cps usados :D
Many thanks to all breeders who have had their cps used :D


Decal mickey and minnie: By me 
Cake: jomsims
Potted roses: omorfi-mera
Popcorn / Bottles: soloriya
Cupcakes: one billion pixels
Drinks / Cakepop: one billion pixels
Ballon arch: haggy
Ballon 2: ajoya
Ballon 3:  soloriya
Paper garlands: inabadromance
Boxes: sims4fun
Corn: msteaqueen
Soda: pilar
Stramberry cake: msteaqueen
Wooden chest: bygazoul
Foods / juice: kardofe
Tablecloth: darasims
Kitchen: pqsim4
Set painting: imadako

*If you are the creator of some  of the cc and your name is not listed, sorry and please  inform me by facebook, tumblr or right here  in the comments 

*OBS: Pode acontecer de alguns itens estarem fora do lugar, nesse caso entre no modo construção,
ative o cheat ''bb.moveobjects'' selecione o objeto e aperta Ctrl+9 para subir / Ctrl+0 para descer, use as imagens do post como referência. 

* Note: It may happen that some items are out of place in this case between the construction mode, activate the cheat '' bb.moveobjects '' select the object and press Ctrl + 9 up / down Ctrl + 0 to use the images of the post as a reference.

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