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domingo, 20 de dezembro de 2015

Bedroom - Star Wars

Included items:
Bed - 6 models
Carpet - 12 models
Cushions - 12 models (Ohbehave007 - mesh)
Shelf - 3 models
Rectangular poster - 22 models
Square poster - 12 models
Dresser - 6 models
Backpack - 8 models
Light fixture: 12 models

Itens inclusos:
Cama -  6 modelos
Tapete - 12 modelos
Almofadas - 12 modelos (Ohbehave007 - mesh)
Estante - 3 modelos
Pôster retangular - 22 modelos
Pôster quadrado - 12 modelos
Cômoda - 6 modelos
Mochila - 8 modelos
Luminária: 12 modelos

The frames you find here/ Os quadros você encontra aqui
Star Wars - Collection ( frames)


14 comentários:

  1. Só queria isso pro meu quarto GENTE AONDE COMPRA, haha, to baixando tudinho, minha saga preferida de todos os tempos!!!

  2. Por fin un sitio en español donde puedo descargar contenido hermoso! Muchas gracias! Yo AMO Star Wars! Ahora adoro aun más los sims 4!

  3. Cara, esse stormtrooper, onde que encontra pelo amor de Deus! Ele vai ser perfeito pra mim fazer o apartamento do Barney de HIMYM

  4. I searched jennisims top to bottom for that stormtrooper no where to be found any help please

  5. could you please answer my question I am still looking for the stormtrooper

  6. I give up waste of time asking here and asking jennisims, been asking till im bloody blue in the face, I give up, thanks so much for the help NOT

  7. i thought I would check yet again and yet still no answer, thats me done with this site all your files are binned, if you cannot be bothered to answer a simple question or reply to an email, that says something, months been waiting for a reply from you and jennisims (she can go play to) her files now binned, wont bother looking here or

    1. the item is not mine is jennisims, if she deleto I can not do anything, you have to talk to her, because I do not fit anything to be done, what I could do I already did q was to talk where I downloaded, now If she took you, you have to talk to her and not to me!

  8. Muito obrigada pelo trabalho maravilhoso!